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Especially for Hotels

Instead of sending your guests across the road to buy a charger for their cell phone, iPad, or any other electrical device - why not offer them our Chargeology products, direct from their hotel room, solving all their charging problems, and making some extra revenue for the hotel at the same time.

And the best part of it is it’s 100% risk free for the hotel. No risk, and no cash outlay. You only pay for what you sell. Chargeology will undertake to put our products into your hotel rooms, at no cost to the hotel, and no outlay of cash. At the end of the month, Chargeology will send the hotel a spreadsheet in order to reconcile its stock holding, and whatever has been sold will be invoiced. Simple, easy, and best of all no risk to the hotel, with no outlay of cash. It’s a win win for everyone, offering your guests a great value add while staying at your hotel, and allowing your hotel to make some extra revenue while satisfying your guests requirements.

  • All our products use a special MULTI 12-in-1 USB CONNECTOR system, which allows most types of cell phones or leisure devices to connect.

  • Hotels can now offer a premium value add to their hotel guests, by offering them a "CHARGING SOLUTION" within the room as well as throughout the hotel, for the duration of the guest's stay.

  • Whether the hotel guest has simply left their power adapters back home, Chargeology™ will add value.

  • If your hotel guest has brought their power adapters, but simply has the wrong connection or nowhere to plug them in, Chargeology will STILL add value.

  • Whether in the hotel room, around all the common areas, or on their daily activities outside the hotel, Chargeology will provide POWER to your hotel guests, adding value where ever and whenever necessary.

  • Whether a business trip or vacation, Chargeology works for all occasions no matter where your hotel guest goes.