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What is Chargeology™?

Chargeology has a range of multiple and portable charging cables and devices, that will allow your customers to be able to charge their BlackBerrys, iPhones, Droids, all other cell phones, iPads, E-Books, iPods, Nintendo DSi, PlayStations, MP3s, PDA, Bluetooth Headsets, and certain Cameras...anytime, anywhere.

Our special 12-in-1 Cables work on any Laptop USB ports, or any of our Portable Chargers, or any of our Car or AC Adapters.

All our products can be branded with your company’s name, or customers logo, exposing your corporate identity to existing and potential clients. Branding can be permanent, or temporary, allowing you to advertise, market, or promote different concepts at different times of the year.

For more information on how Chargeology can increase value, branding, and revenue for your industry, please email us at info@chargeology.com. We will be happy to provide you with more details, on how our products can benefit your company’s needs, and offer you a return on investment that is unique and refreshing.

Chargeology, LLC

Chargeology, LLC is a client driven company, launched by entrepreneurs whose customers and business relationships are always top of mind. Our young and dynamic management team, with their ambitious & innovative thinking, have created a corporate work environment that "gets things done", keeping their clients’ needs first and foremost before anything else.

With offices in New York, Israel, Australia, and South Africa, we are able to leverage off our international partners, allowing us to offer top quality products and service, at affordable prices. Our research and development gives us a great understanding of what our customers are looking for, fulfilling their needs and requirements through our vast network of agents and manufacturing plants.

Our charging products span across a wide range of consumers, covering everything from hotels, car rental companies, fitness centers, golf courses, coffee shops, restaurants, taxis, trains, buses, hair salons, corporate offices, retail stores, as well as the promotional & corporate gift markets.

As founders of Chargeology, LLC, we have combined our vast experience in management, distribution, and marketing, in order to achieve our goals and offer our clients a world class and efficient service.